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    Hi. Terribly sorry to bother you, but is there any way for me to change the name of my entire wiki? I can change the home page and other pag... 

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    Summary: Welcome to the harry's home wiki:
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    New page: The Great Tsar Monarch (TheGreatTsarMonarch) Edit TheGreatTsarMonarch, also known as Tsar Monarch, is one of Harry's closest friends, and as of late...
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    New page: Thonks Edit Thonks are reactions commonly used by akinator. There are many different kinds of thonks, and each one is different. All thonks are based...
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    • Aki Discord Bot
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    New page: ==Add Video Akinator== HistoryEdit Akinator was brought to the server when Harrypotamus and TheGreatTsarMonarch got bored and wanted a bot...
    Added photo:
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    New page: Harrypotamus Edit Harrypotamus is the founder and current leader of the green star clan. He is currently the most active member of the clan, and is...
    Summary: made the page yo
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    Summary: Member Info
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    Rappy 4187

    Rappy 4187

    Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have Green Star Wiki as part of the FANDOM community! ... 

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